Working together with your friends to make your community a beautiful hospitable place and can be fun and very rewarding. Just think of Lions Park, the Carnegie Library, the Visitor’s Center, flowers and flags on Broadway, local food growers, Finnish Kaleva Park to name a few of the things that are made possible because of […]

We are looking forward to the 12th Annual Fun Run for Charities. The Fun Run is all about people in the community helping their friends and neighbors. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to the charities of their choice and know that their contributions are being matched through the Sally Martin Match Fund. The quality […]

  Growing up in Red Lodge can be fun and exciting with many opportunities to be active and involved from sports to hiking to skate boarding. Many organizations in our community work to provide fun activities, leadership development, and skill building programs for our young people. Sports activities help develop sportsmanship and physical well being […]