What do we do?

Connecting with and informing the community to provide workforce housing services, programs, training, and education. Our mission is to increase the quality and choices of housing in Red Lodge, provide the community with awareness of housing issues, and expand housing opportunities through training and education.

Our goal is to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of Red Lodge’s small-town culture and strengthen its economic well-being by influencing the housing environment to be more affordable, attractive, stable, and accessible for the local workforce. We strive to be efficient and knowledgeable, working with the community to remain a trusted partner and respected authority on housing issues. The Workforce Housing Steering Committee is comprised of lenders, realtors, insurers, builders, the City, businesses, and highly engaged volunteers who donate their time and expertise to partner with, NeighborWorks, Trust Montana, Helena Area Habitat for Humanity, the Home Center, Altana Federal Credit Union and other community forums to educate and take action on housing solutions.


Although there are many important housing needs to be addressed in Red Lodge, the Workforce Housing Committee identified through a Housing Needs Assessment that the most pressing concern is with the existing and future workforce. Our local workforce includes teachers, nurses, and service employees who make our wonderful resort town thrive. Without these people, our economy would not survive and our infrastructure would diminish.


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