Mission: Montana Tour is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide safety and wellness funding and infrastructure for Montana communities for cyclists, hikers and other outdoor adventures.

What are you fundraising for this year?

We have opened a community bike center which provides space for locals and tourists to use bike stations, order parts and provides access to bike mechanics. We also provide bikes to the community for donation or free. We recently have moved from an outdoor location to a full-time indoor location at the Roosevelt providing year-round support.

What impact will funds have on your mission and community?

Providing a place to work on bikes and have bikes available for people in the community is important. Not only do we now have a space to help people learn how to work on their own bikes but we host a local part time bike mechanic. Our community has been void of a bike shop – we now can provide this in our community and host events.

If you participated last year, what did you use the funds for?

This will be the first year that Montana Tour has participated in the Fun Run.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000

Find out more: https://montanatour.org/