Mission: The Mental Health Center cares for those with challenges in life. We desire individuals and families to get the emotional and psychological care to live a healthy, productive, and fulfilled life. We Offer Hope and Share Solutions!

What are you fundraising for this year?

The Mental Health Center is an organization caring for the emotional and psychological needs of individuals and families. We Offer Hope and Share Solutions. Many challenges are present today that cause disruptions in healthy relations and healthy emotions. Addictive disorders also create many challenges. The Mental Health Center will provide counseling services for those in need even those with financial challenges.

What impact will funds have on your mission and community?

Individuals and families that live an emotionally healthy life. They in turn will contribute to a healthier community

If you participated last year, what did you use the funds for?

Direct behavioral health care for clients.

Fundraising Goal: $7,000

Learn More at:

Red Lodge Mental Health Center on Facebook

Website: https://mhcbillings.org/