Mission: Providing lifelong sanctuary to non-releasable Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wildlife while sharing a message of education and conservation.

What are you fundraising for this year?

Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary starts construction in 2024 of new animal habitats and visitor viewing areas. The entire plan will cost $1.8-$2 million dollars over the next five years. Progress will depend upon capital donations, grants, and fundraising to complete the comprehensive plan. Our fundraising efforts for Fun Run specifically aim to renovate the public walkway leading to the bison, bear, and bobcat viewing area, ensuring it is fully accessible and in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act standards for ramps. Upon reconstruction, we will also enhance the visibility of the animals, and the viewing experience of the guests.

What impact will funds have on your mission and community?

This plan allows YWS to plan for quality care long-term for each of its GYE species, and opportunities for educational venues which add to the attractions that draw people to Red Lodge. Our plan includes ADA approved access areas that will allow all of the public to view animals and participate in activities at the Sanctuary. Viewing and visitor space enhancements are expected to cost approximately $280,000 with plans for creative options for viewing bears, bison, and cats. With a more accessible and safe pathway, we can ensure all guests have the opportunity to learn about human-wildlife interaction, wildlife conservation, and environmental issues.

If you participated last year, what did you use the funds for?

We used the funds to 1) support our second educator position 2) add to our funding for student groups that would benefit from our education programming but are in financial need, and 3) continued to implement our plan of repair, renovation, and reconstruction of resident animal habitats.

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

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