The mission of the Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation is to care for the health, safety, lives and well-being of our members, our community and our visitors.

Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation represents all four divisions of Red Lodge Fire Rescue which include Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue and Community Care. The Mission of Red Lodge Fire Rescue is to assure the safety of residents and visitors to our community and our members through safe and professional response to fire, rescue, medical, trauma, and backcountry emergencies, as well as community education and preventative services. To be effective and safe on the job, we need each of our 100+ members to be prepared for the broad set of emergencies that are possible in our area.

We train almost every day at RLFR and fun run funds help us send members to specialized training and to purchase the gear and educational materials we need to be excellent.

Fun Run funds will help us achieve our mission by providing for more training opportunities and training equipment for our members. Since our mission is to protect and enrich the health of our Community, we believe that if our volunteers are trained at a higher level with modern, safe equipment…everyone thrives! 

Last year, fun run funds were used to purchase Search and Rescue ropes, safety equipment, and a SkyHook.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

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