Mission: To assist, support, and encourage each person with special needs that we serve to make choices in their lives and expand their opportunities for personal growth and development.

What are you fundraising for this year?

Donations received would be used to fill the gaps to meet the needs of the people in Carbon County with disabilities: Service provision, recreational opportunities, environmental upkeep.

What impact will funds have on your mission and community?

The funds will help ensure that people living with disabilities in Carbon County have their needs met and can continue to live healthfully and safely in the Red Lodge Community.

If you participated last year, what did you use the funds for?

We have used the funds for throwing fun parties and providing recreational opportunities for our folks. We also did some painting of Beartooth Industries. The rest we used to cover some of the costs of having to hire travelling staff to keep the individuals we serve healthy and safe.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

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