Thank you for honoring Sidney Reinhardt’s bold and beautiful spirit through your donation to the Red Lodge City Pool Fund.  Sid loved the pool and your contribution in memory of Sid will help provide a fun and safe place for children and families for many years to come.  Live Like Sid!  



Since its construction in 1983 the Red Lodge City Pool has served the city and greater Carbon County. In recent years the outdoor pool faced mechanical and operational challenges. The pool was not ADA compliant and City Public Works declared it was beyond a quick fix. The pool has been closed since the summer of 2019.

After surveying the community stakeholders and studying various options, the city council approved the resolution to renovate the pool at its current location. The plan calls for an L-shaped, zero entry design. Interstate Engineering will administer the construction beginning in April 2021.  The cost is expected to be $1.696 million and it is scheduled to be completed and ready to open in June 2022.

In October 2020 the City Council appointed a five-member Pool Committee to review the plans and to initiate a fundraising campaign to reduce the impact of costs on the city’s capital budget.  In addition, the committee intends to build upon an existing endowment fund to aid in covering annual operation and maintenance costs. Based on historical data the annual operating and maintenance expenses are projected to be approximately $65,125.00

In Red Lodge, the outdoor swimming season is weather dependent, but typically starts in June and runs through August. The plan is to maximize pool operation during the three-month season. Historically the pool served 800 to 1000 swimmers per month. The renovated pool will be operationally more efficient and serve the residents of Red Lodge and Carbon County as well as our seasonal visitors.

Please support the pool renovation and upgrade. With commitment and effort, the renovated pool will be the pride of Red Lodge.