From the Executive Director:


“I have worked with a lot of wonderful people to develop the capacity of the community foundation through the years. During that time, I experienced the true dance of community connection: learning in public, when to lead, when to follow; all the while just dancing together! Robust conversation being a mainstay.

As the Foundation grows, we have discovered it’s really about bringing citizen ideas into fruition and being a stop-gap organization for existing assets within the community. I am proud of the reputation of the Foundation-the deep feeling that we can be counted upon for what the community needs and wants. We are known to be grass roots, responsive and timely. The appreciation, feedback and support of our community is intense and I am continually inspired to work alongside this community. We have a diverse team of staff, board members, AmeriCorps VISTA’s and volunteers to respond to community opportunities!

I hope that you are inspired and that you will join us in working side-by-side in the future!”


-Tracy Timmons