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Volunteering is a fun way to use your time and talents to make a difference in our community.  You can choose to work as a member of a dynamic team or as an individual at your convenience. Often volunteers meet others who become close friends with similar interests.  In either case, hours are flexible and you can contribute at a comfortable level.  Below is a list of opportunities, if you are wanting to connect with a particular organization, view the list of nonprofit organizations.

What are you passionate about?


Youth Job Shadowing Outreach:

Connect students with employers in career paths of interest.

Lunch In The Sun Coordinator:

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer! Help coordinate groups, food orders, and outreach for the Lunch In The Sun Meal program.

Early Childhood Committee Member:

Join in on initiatives and attend progress meetings, help brainstorm with an engaged committee.


Special Event Coordinator

We host many events, forums, and presentations in our community and we can always use an extra hand. You can help carry the load, set up chairs, and be a liaison during these events.

Chalk Wall:

We all know the big red chalk wall here in our town that has updates and information for the community. You can be the next artist to make your artistic contribution for the community.


For all you sharp shooters looking for a way to broaden you horizons, build your portfolio, or just share your passion. Come take photos for us, send them in even! We could always use photos from our community and what better way to get that than through the community?

Event Musicians:

Share your talents by performing at events and meetings. Set the mood and provide entertainment to people involved while getting to share your sound.



Connect low-income individuals and families to the resources they need by becoming a Navigator. You would be responsible for helping them fill out forms and providing assistance navigating the resources available to them.

Housing Committee:

Help with the designs of new homes and strategies for creating affordable housing for working families in the Carbon County area. This project is in the starting stages and you can get in on the ground work.

Deliver Firewood:

We offer a program for families to receive firewood to heat their homes efficiently during those cold winter months. You can help load wood and deliver it to the appreciative families you would be helping.


Poster Outreach:

Help Us reach larger audiences by spreading the word and posters. You would be responsible for delivering posters to the businesses and organizations in the community as the need arises.

Handy Person:

Help with those tricky building projects and construction pieces whether it’s fixing furniture or home appliances, or patching holes. You can help people in the community and here at the Foundation.

Calendar Curator:

Update our community calendar with events, activities, and forums from around town. You will have the opportunity to reach out to the community and help bring everyone together.

Story Teller:

Meet new people and listen to their experiences that will inspire the community. Use your writing skills to share their story in a way that will captivate and express the feeling of the experience.

More Volunteer Position Descriptions Coming Soon

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