QPR Training (Question, Persuade, Refer): The CPR of Suicide Prevention.

40,000 Americans die as a result of suicide every year.  That’s an average of 1 every 17 minutes.  

Would you know what to look for if a friend or loved one was considering suicide?  Would you know what to do?

  • What is QPR? 

    • With QPR training, you have an opportunity to make a difference and have the chance to help save a life.  QPR is an evidence-based suicide prevention training and stands for Question, Persuade and Refer.  Learn how to Question a person about suicide, Persuade someone to get help, and Refer someone to the appropriate resource. 

    • Group classes are 60-90 minutes and taught by a certified QPR instructor

    • Much like CPR, the fundamentals of QPR are easily learned.  QPR will help you to recognize the warning signs, clues, and suicidal communications of people in trouble, and gain skills to act vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy. 

  • To learn more about receiving QPR training in Carbon County, contact Tesla at tesla@rlacf.org.  Learn more about the QPR Institute at qprinstitute.com