Our mission is to historically preserve and/or restore to original operating condition a collection of all makes and models of motorized vehicles used by the National Parks prior to World War II.  To preserve historical materials related to the presence and operation of these vehicles. To provide expertise and knowledge to other owners, museums, and interested parties. To share with others the importance and experience of these vehicles in the National Parks.


Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust, Inc. is raising money to preserve its iconic Yellowstone Park vehicles and to maintain the historic Whitcomb Garage.

The funds will help us maintain our fleet of Yellowstone Park vehicles in order to share the history with the Red Lodge community and visitors.

Last year, funds were used to maintain our fleet of Yellowstone Park vehicles and the Whitcomb Garage.

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Website: www.boypt.org

Facebook Page: Buses of Yellowstone