Mission: History is our passion at the Carbon County Historical Museum. Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and share the diverse history and culture of Carbon County.

What are you fundraising for this year?

The Fun Run is always a significant source of our yearly income. This years funds donated will go towards our operational expenses, wages for our staff and to update our current exhibits.

What impact will funds have on your mission and community?

The funds we receive from the Fun Run will allow us to offer updated exhibits that benefit all residents of Carbon County. In addition, the funds received will go towards operational expenses in order for the museum to be open and available for all people of Carbon County and around the country.

If you participated last year, what did you use the funds for?

We used last years funds primarily for operational expenses such as electric, heating, cooling and wages. In addition, funds went towards new archive boxes and other needed museum supplies.

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

Explore the past at  www.carboncountyhistory.com and visit our Facebook page at Carbon County Historical Society and Museum