Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund Application for Returning Safely Home

If you are currently displaced or in an unsafe living situation as a direct result of the recent flood in Carbon County, funds are available through the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund to help. We are accepting applications for up to $3,000, if that amount will allow you to safely return to your home and/or mitigate a serious unhealthy situation in your home. If your immediate need is greater than $3,000 please complete the application and share with us the amount needed to allow you to safely return to your home. This will help us better assess the continued needs across the county.

You can apply here. If you are unsure if you qualify, please apply.


Donating to the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund, will help support emergency management and disaster relief in Carbon County.

Our extended community has been deeply impacted as this is the worst natural disaster we have collectively endured.  With many losing homes, bridges out, and downtown so impacted, our community economics on both a household and community level is also threatened. 

But this same community is also resilient.  Half the town showed up the first night to be a part of the sandbag brigade that saved portions of main street and prevented further breach into additional neighborhoods.  Such community extends beyond time and space and often includes the grace and kindness of those not immediately impacted.  Whether you experienced this devastating loss or just share a love for this sacred place, thank you for being a part of the vital web that is our shared humanity.

You can provide financial support by donating to the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund.
Donations will be used to support efforts to manage the flooding, affected individual and family emergency needs, and future recovery efforts.
The past few years have demonstrated the resiliency and strength of our community in challenging times. Thank you for your care and compassion to help us again come together in support of one another.
If you have already donated to the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund, we thank you deeply. If you can further support our recovery efforts, now is a great time to double your impact, thanks to the generous match support from two Red Lodge businesses totaling $35k!
Donate today and Bank of Red Lodge, 100 years strong, will match your donation, dollar for dollar, up to $25K.

And IPI Packers in Red Lodge will match donations, dollar for dollar up to $10k!

One Valley Ag Relief Fund

This fund will provide disaster relief for the flooding in June 2022, specifically for Ag-related infrastructure, field recovery, and/or irrigation canal or fixture reconstruction on Ag properties that are excluded from potential FEMA funding on the Clarks Fork River of the Yellowstone.

The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization with a Tax ID 20-0192255

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