Our mission is to provide education, research, lodging and dining facilities for field courses in the natural sciences and for community and professional organizational workshops and conferences

YBRA directs all Red Lodge Fun Run charitable donations to YBRA’s Teacher Workshop, which provides science educators with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of Earth Science, implement science standards, and provide renewal units/recertification credits.

YBRA’s goal is to generate funds to pay for all costs, i.e., Teacher and workshop fees. Field base science, hands-on learning, observation/data collection leading to inference/theory/conclusion and new science standards evaluation measures are leveraged in the workshop. The workshop is a collaboration between YBRA, Rocky Mountain College, Montana public school teachers, and the Montana Department of Education. These educators will have the ability to impact thousands of students over the years.

Fifteen excited and dedicated public school educators (most from SE Montana) attended the 2019 workshop at no cost and received hands-on field experiences and classroom in-service focusing on geology curriculum development. Teachers’ course reviews/surveys indicated that they were overwhelmed with the quality of the workshop and declared the need for such training. Paul Halfpop, a Hardin HS teacher who attended the 2019 workshop sent an email stating “As a YBRA alum of last summer’s teachers’ class of the geology of the Beartooth Mountains, I say thanks to all of the sponsors that made that class a reality. YBRA has a fantastic facility which coupled with its staff, makes for a rewarding opportunity to learn from their instructors as well as the participating teachers. It’s great to start the school year off with a reignited love of teaching and knowledge. I’m really looking forward to renewing friendships and improving my craft at this summer’s YBRA class.” A news article about the 2019 workshop was also published in the Billings Gazette contains the following quote “You can see all these images in textbooks, but you can’t touch them, you can’t know that they feel like sandpaper, you can’t put them in context with everyone else around them,” said Jon Bushey, a West High science teacher helping teach the course.

Last years funds went to the teachers workshop fund, since covid 19 canceled the event the funds will be carried over to this year.

Fundraising Goal:

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