Future of Montana Volunteer Corps is:

A partnership between Red Lodge Area Community Foundation and Red Lodge High School. Connecting Red Lodge Youth with diverse, educational, safe, and fun volunteer opportunities in Carbon County.

Log your hours

Students are responsible for completing, recording, and verifying their hours. There are two options to record volunteer hours:

  1. FoMVC timesheet (paper copy) 
  2. Google form (click on your class year below)

Seniors – please update your previously complete hours by March 31st, 2021. If you are in need of hours, please get in touch with Tesla as soon as possible. We have opportunities that will be fun and easy to complete! 

Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors – please update your hours by the end of the year. Next fall, we will work together to form a plan to get your hours in before senior year.



Request Volunteers

As COVID-19 settles down, check back for volunteer opportunities across Carbon County. 

Opportunities will include 

  • 1 time/annual events 
  • Seasonal projects 
  • Long-term or reoccurring commitments. 
Get in touch with Tesla :