All Nations Garden Club’s purpose is to stimulate knowledge of and promote the love of gardening. By annually planting and maintaining Pride Park in the center of Red Lodge we strive to provide a beautiful environment that enhances the enjoyment of the park by the community and visitors.

All Nations Garden Club (ANGC) was founded in about 1950. At that time, it was less common for women to work outside the home.  Over the years that has of course changed. Even though those “homemaker” members became fewer and fewer, meetings established for Friday afternoons stayed the same, discouraging younger, still employed women from joining. As a result, most members of the club are retired women who, for the most part, have left the workforce. That means our members are 65 and older. Most are much older. We have a dwindling membership for this reason (and I’m sure there are others) as many age out of being able to contribute to our main focus, the upkeep of Pride Park.

During the years, we have raised funds to plant and maintain the park through plant and bake sales which have become increasingly self-funding by fewer people. In addition, we are depending on fewer and fewer members to do the work involved in the park.

This year we are fundraising for the maintenance of Pride Park in Red Lodge and savings for upgrades. Funds will provide the ability to purchase plants, fertilizer, and necessary tools for the beautification of the park for the enjoyment of the community and visitors. It will also allow us to begin saving toward future major needs such as sprinklers, bench and planter maintenance, etc. 
We welcome members who just want to garden and work in the park!  We offer a lot of autonomy in when to participate and in what aspect to contribute. Those who are creatively minded can plan what to plant in a flower bed. Others may just wish to contribute by pulling weeds, sweeping, and picking up occasional refuse. Some of us work together on a regular schedule and others prefer to work independently. While we are all women, we have no restriction for garden-minded men who desire to join.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000