We are looking forward to the 12th Annual Fun Run for Charities. The Fun Run is all about people in the community helping their friends and neighbors. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to the charities of their choice and know that their contributions are being matched through the Sally Martin Match Fund.

The quality of a community is determined by how well it serves those most in need. By that standard Red Lodge is great community. The following organizations help make Red Lodge a quality place to live because they make life better for its citizens. Providing food assistance are BareTooth Cupboards and the Bridger Community Food Bank, striving to reduce hunger in our county. Helping people with disabilities reach their full potential and enjoy recreational opportunity we have Beartooth Industries, Eagle Mount, and Canine Assistants. The Senior Ark program helps meet episodic and often emergency needs of people 65 years and older in the county. Fostering friendship and providing a network for women Beta Sigma Phi members volunteer across the community, working on projects to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

The emergency services available help us all be reassured that when bad things happen well trained and equipped professionals are ready to step in. The Red Lodge Volunteer Fire Fighters, Red Lodge EMS, and the Carbon County Search and Rescue are on call 24 hours a day and respond to fires, accidents, medical emergencies, and situations where people are in danger.   The equipment and training needed to maintain these programs are funded in part through the Fun Run.

Health and safety are important to every citizen, the Beartooth Billings Clinic Foundation helps make medical care available to all of the people in our community, and Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (DSVS) helps individuals and families impacted by abuse and works to promote healthy relationships to make sure people are safe and protected in their homes and community.   Red Lodge Community Drug Education and Enforcement Program helps to educate citizens and reduce the presence of drugs in our community.

Working together we can insure that our community is safe, that we meet the needs of those less fortunate, and that our quality of life is maintained. Consider supporting these organizations through Fun Run 2015. To register and donate to these and other organizations, click here: www.runsignup.com/redlodgefunrun.