With the snow melting, warm sunny days, and with Earth Day right around the corner, the Red Lodge community came together for the 3rd Annual Earth Day Parks Clean-up. On April 18th, over 30 dedicated citizens divided and conquered our town’s parks -scouring the grass, bushes, and trees gathering garbage that has built up over […]

Save the Date: May 22-24 Annual Habitat Rummage Sale   Since beginning as a garage sale in the late 1990’s the Habitat Rummage Sale has grown to become an annual favorite. As you begin your spring cleaning sort through your things and donate what you don’t want to Habitat. Collect all the good usable stuff […]

In collaboration with our school district we are launching a ‘Youth Career Readiness’ program and are seeking your support. Our school district achieves a high percentage of students who graduate, as well as supporting undergraduate programs around Montana and nationally. The goal of Youth Career Readiness is to augment the excellent work our schools do in […]