In collaboration with our school district we are launching a ‘Youth Career Readiness’ program and are seeking your support. Our school district achieves a high percentage of students who graduate, as well as supporting undergraduate programs around Montana and nationally. The goal of Youth Career Readiness is to augment the excellent work our schools do in preparing our students for future success. EET3361NETTo that end, we are seeking to boost Red Lodge’s career readiness efforts by partnering with local businesses and the schools to create a means for students to explore and gain hands-on experience in vocational opportunities that may suit them.


That’s where you come in; we would like to know if you would consider allowing an internship position or a shadowing opportunity within your company. With your help we can grant our students access to ‘the real world’ of productive employment and, hopefully, discover their passion. Below is a definition of shadowing and internship.



To follow an employee/employer around a work space to get a better understanding of the work place. Generally within one work day or work week,



A temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training, this position can be paid or unpaid and has a time period established by the employer.


If you are interested in establishing a shadowing or internship program, or enhancing the one you already have, please contact Austin Terreri. He would be happy to help you create a position if you don’t have one already. He can be reached at 446-2820 or by email at