Aiden Freeman, Age 9 Red Lodge Skate Park
Aiden Freeman, Age 9
Red Lodge Skate Park

Coral Eder, Age 11 Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary
Coral Eder, Age 11
Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

Jesse Anderson, Age 9 BRTA
Jesse Anderson, Age 9

Evelyn Ples, Age 8 City Pool Endowment
Evelyn Ples, Age 8
City Pool Endowment

Meet the Next Generation of Giving

The Culture of Giving is resonating with people of all ages in our community! Eliza, Coral, Jesse, Evelyn, and Aiden have decided that instead of receiving a bunch of gifts from friends and family for their birthdays they would rather help others in need.

Each of these kids saw a need in their community ranging from helping animals, saving the local pool, feeding hungry families, or developing the local parks, and they took action!

Eliza's 3rd Birthday
Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Eliza Seifert is eight and half years old. Her years of philanthropy started at the ripe age of three! On her third birthday, she asked her parents for a “Puppy Party.” The guests were asked to bring dog food to be donated to the Beartooth Humane Alliance.

It didn’t end there! For her fourth birthday, she asked for her friends to donate food or money to Baretooth Cupboards to help to feed those in need. On her sixth birthday, she collected food donations and money for the Beartooth Humane Alliance. She celebrated her seventh birthday at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary – she and her friends donated toys and money for the animals. For Eliza’s eighth birthday, Eliza donated her birthday money to the Beartooth Humane Alliance.

When she was asked why she wanted to donate to charity as opposed to receive gifts she said, “I wanted to help others. I decided it would be nice to give my birthday money to someone else to help them.”

She was then asked if she felt like she missed out because she did not get birthday presents at her parties she replied, “No – I knew I already had a lot of stuff and I wanted to help other people and animals. I had fun at my birthday parties and appreciated my friends helping me collect donations.” She urges her friends to do the same, “Do it! You would feel really happy and you probably already have enough toys.”

Other kids are doing it! Jesse Anderson and Aiden Freeman teamed up for their 9th birthdays and both requested their friends and family to bring donations for their favorite outdoor activities in town, The City Skate Park and Beartooth Recreational Trails Association so that they can stay active and master their sweet skills.

Eliza's 4th Birthday
Eliza’s 4th Birthday

“I love skating around! I am thankful for the skate park and I want to learn some tricks!” exclaimed Aiden.

When we asked Jesse why he wanted to donate to BRTA instead of get gifts, he said, “They do mountain bike trails and skiing… I like to bike. Coal Miners Park is my favorite trail!”

For her 11th birthday, Coral Eder donated to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary’s animal resident Margi the marmot. Margi has needed a new enclosure built from scratch to accommodate her natural marmot tendencies. We asked her why she wanted to donate to Margi and she said, “I wanted Margi to have a home.” When they broke ground Coral was there, shovel in hand, for the big day. “It made me feel good,” says Coral when we asked her how that made her feel.

Evelyn Ples has loved the pool for her whole life and loves going with her family on hot summer days. She had heard that we were raising money for the City Pool Endowment to be sure that the Pool would be a part of our community for a long time. “I heard that the pool might close down if it didn’t get money,” says Evelyn, “I love the pool and thought I should help.” So she asked not only her friends and family

Eliza's 6th Birthday
Eliza’s 6th Birthday

but the whole community to donate to the City Pool Endowment. Thanks to Evelyn’s help and call to action, the City Pool Endowment has been established.

These kids are learning from an early age that they can make a difference and all it takes is a little generosity. “I think this day in age, kiddos are more aware of the world around them,” says Kim Eder, Coral’s proud mom. Their unselfish decisions and warm hearts are an inspiration to all of us and we can help support this next generation of giving.

You can share the spirit of Neighbors Helping Neighbors with Eliza, Aiden, Coral, Jesse, and Evelyn by giving your gift today.