Help for first time homebuyers is offered by The Home Center, a non-profit in Billings, who has partnered with the Montana Homeownership Network and Neighbor Works Montana. The Home Center will be presenting an invaluable class for the first time homebuyer in Red Lodge on Saturday May 19th, 9am -5pm at the Foundation located at 122 Hauser Avenue. First Interstate Bank will provide lunch to all attendees.

A first time home buyer includes parties who have not purchased a new home in three years or someone who has never purchased a home.  Many first time buyers go to the bank without knowing what to expect.  It is recommended the first thing you do is attend the class, since the class covers budgeting, credit, credit repair, savings and savings programs, how much house can you afford, and bringing members of the ‘home buying team’ to speak. After attending this class, the participant will receive a certificate of completion and eligibility which is good for three years. The successful completion of the First Time Homebuyer Class is a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs. There is a fee $35 per Individual or $50 per family or household.


Free budget, credit and pre-purchase counseling is also available.  An individual buyer or household can discuss (in private) with a HUD certified counselor their finances, goals and how to navigate the steps to a home purchase. Topics can include budgeting, understanding your personal credit situation, how to repair your credit, personal affordability, and creating an action plan to assist in realizing the dream of home ownership.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to get first time home buyers ready and in the best shape possible for that first purchase. For those dreaming of owning their own home but feeling they cannot make or afford that first step, the Home Center’s services may offer valuable direction to make it possible.” Val Smith is the local contact. She eager to help and is enthusiastic about the services being offered in Red Lodge and Carbon County

For more information or to register for the class, contact The Home Center 406-206-2717  or contact Valentine (Val) Smith 406-446-2820, .