Young girl (10-11) skiing

Girls in the Red Lodge area now have access to a new grant fund that supports girls in the outdoors called “Girls in Motion”. The Fund was recently created through the collaboration of local community members, sponsors, and the film event “Pretty Faces”.

It all started with an idea. About a month ago Lynn Jackson heard about a new ski film called “Pretty Faces”. It was the first film with all-women and had a powerful message that girls can do anything. Children and parents in our community needed to see it! So one of the first things she did was contact the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation. Can you help make this happen?

This is what the Community Foundation is all about: making ideas comePF alive. Connecting people and building community. A meeting was organized with a group of involved, local women in the community and the event was in formation.

Making the event happen in less than a month was tricky. But in no time a list of local sponsors were secured to pay for the film licensing, theater rental, and other event costs. A couple weeks prior to the event, word on the street was that a young girl featured in the film, Anna Boltz, would be able to attend the event. Anna is an inspiring six year old who skis sitting down because of disabilities but is a fearless daredevil on the slopes. Having this little star join the event would be awesome.

One day while planning the group asked “Hey, why don’t we use the funds raised from the movie to create a new fund to support girls getting outside in our community?” And that’s how the “Girls in Motion” Grant Fund was started.

FullSizeRenderThe night of the movie was a blast (figuratively and literally-the wind Saturday morning was 75 mph). Young girls, boys, dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas, and everyone in between showed up to SELL OUT the event! Anna signed posters after event at Honey’s and even skied it up the next day at Red Lodge Mountain with Eagle Mount.

All in all donations at the door raised over $1000 in support of girls in the outdoors. Because of this one idea, girls in our community have become inspired to get outside and pursue their athletic passions! To learn more and fill out an application, click here.

Big thanks to all the sponsors, door prize donors, and those who helped make the event happen: Roger & Lynn Jackson, Barnard Skiing, Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation, Honey’s, Beartooth Recreational Trails Association, Michael L. Shuck CPA, Red Lodge Mountain, Red Lodge Pizza Co., Red Rover Bicycle Collection, Ski Station, Sylvan Peak, King’s Cupboards,The Base Camp, Flower Garage, Beartooth Basin Ski Area, Beth Graham, Anna Feinberg, Computer’s Dude, Silver Run Ski Racing, Jennifer Drinkwalter, Kerri Wolfson, Laurie Barnard, Tracy Timmons, Kristen Hollum, Sarah Bierschwale, Marci Dye, Rue Sharp, Travis Burdick, Anna Foltz, and Anna Kosorok.