Roosevelt is becoming more of a space for community everyday. Not only are we improving the building, but we are building capacity for community businesses, artists, and youth! Read about what’s happening at Roosevelt.

A Space for Community

People are really taking advantage of the unique spaces at the Old Roosevelt building. Seven businesses are currently “setting up shop” from the 1920’s side to the 1990’s side, and we have many more getting ready to join, including the STEAM/Maker Space group. We still have rental spaces available in the 1920’s side of the Roosevelt complex. The rates are based on the size and location of the room. We are encouraging potential renters to take advantage of a variety of options:

•Rent your own space for your business or program
•Share a space by partitioning a room
•Share a space by using it at different times

Equally important is the utilization of the Performance Center. With the removal of the scoreboard and hoops, it is a blank canvass for theater, music, and larger conferences. We are equipped with a 448 square foot stage, curtains, 200 chairs, 25 round and rectangular tables, projection equipment, etc. Soon, we will be adding a riser system so that up to 200 people can fully enjoy performances. Please let people know that it is available to rent for full, half, or multiple days. By next month, our first conference room will be available for rent for smaller meetings and gatherings. Check out the calendar or make a reservation! Fees vary, contact Mike Crabtree at for details.


Come Down to the “General Store”

Real estate agent Nancy Curtis, Berkshire Hathaway, and her husband Todd, re-gifted a wonderful playhouse from their winning Playhouse Parade raffle ticket. They donated it to the outdoor community space at the Old Roosevelt School. Thank you so much for the generous donation!




Seat Risers

After extensive research and collaboration with the Red Lodge Theater Company and Red Lodge School of Dance, the decision has been made to invest in a riser system. This will raise up to 200 people off the main floor so that viewing is easier. The risers are designed to be portable and versatile, for immediate use and for the life of the project.




Full STEAM Ahead

The Foundation has teamed up a dynamic committee to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) programming to the community. The Full STEAM Ahead! Project will provide youth with the opportunity to expand their creative skills and practice hands on work with experienced educators, volunteers, and mentors. The project will begin in August on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Want to Help? Here’s How


Keep the building affordable for local organizations and events by volunteering.

•Yard workers
•Help with events
•Furniture moving

Contact Betty Hecker at to volunteer!

$10,000 Awarded National Endowment for the Arts Grant Action Plan.

We are honored to have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to begin to develop the first phase of the outdoor space.
•Outdoor design plan
•Cement game table
•Finishing the mural by Janice Polzin
•Bear-proof trash cans
designed by Back Alley Metals
•Benches by Beartooth
•Sculptures by local artists
•Infrastructure for a sprinkler system

To be able to finish these installations, we need to raise $6,000 to meet the grant match requirement. Please consider donating to support the project.

STEAM Wish List Items

This is to get the program started.
•Tool Bench for stationary tools
•30” round stools
•Wet/Dry Vacuum
•Heavy Duty Drop Cord
•Fire Extinguisher, Class ABC, 5lb
•Electric Drill/Driver
•Rotary Tool
•Bench-top Drill Press
•Assortment of screwdrivers
•Dial Indicator, run out gauge w/ magnetic stand
•1-2-3 gauge block set

Contact us to learn more


Did You Know…

The quilt show had 125 quilts and 500 plus people from far and wide attend

The Big Jim and the Twins benefit show brought in $1,183 for the NEA Grant Match