2 Opportunities to Win!!!

We are celebrating our increased collaboration among individuals, businesses and organizations that are focusing on providing STEAM related programs and opportunities for our youth and adult community members by presenting two new contests with Cash Prizes. Cash prizes will include one $50.00 prize for the naming contest and at least two $50.00 prizes for the top two activity proposals. The deadline for entries is April 30th.

Contest #1 Name the Steam Maker Space Co-op!

If your creative self loves to create names that exemplify the desired outcomes of a given endeavor, then this one is for you! We only have one rule: the name cannot create barriers to engagement.

Contest #2 Propose an Activity

Help us create the scope of the STEAM Maker Space Co-op based on the resources available in our community. We are asking for brief written proposals of an activity that you might be interested in coaching in the new MAKER Space. The activity proposal is a simple format and only needs to include the following three items:

  • Proposed Activity and how STEAM is represented in it.
  • List of items, including costs, that would need to be purchased. Include paid coaching time if applicable.
  • List of items that may be able to be borrowed or donated, including donated volunteer coaching time.


Make your submissions at Submit to Tracy@rlacf.org

Why Run This Contest?

We want to create a realistic, multi-discipline course list and develop an inventory of existing and needed resources so that we can secure the needed resources to create STEAM MAKER spaces for people.

One of the missions of creating STEAM MAKER space programming is to provide enriched STEAM learning to inspire students of all ages, and equip them for future careers, by MAKING them.

STEAM is a means of equipping the workforce with practical skills by grouping multiple disciplines together. STEAM studies are project based learning. The information is introduced in a creative, fun manner to inspire students to think out of the box and learn vital problem solving skills.

STEAM promotes Teamwork and demonstrates knowledge in real world applications.

In the Full STEAM Coop, art will not be taught as an individual subject. Just like other subjects, the object is to apply art to real situations. STEM naturally involves art in various forms from design to communication which is why it has been added to STEM. Art offers greater access to learning for all types of learners. It activates the right side of the brain which adds to a greater retention of knowledge.

Coaches are not teachers, and lab concepts are meant to be explored together with guidance from the Coaches. Students are expected to take more of an active role in their experience.