Check Out the Picture It! Youth Photo Contest


We wanted to know what our local youth love about Red Lodge and what changes they would like to see. We asked them to submit a picture that represents what they love or what they want to change with a brief description of the picture. We were happy to get so many wonderful submissions from kids ages 4-18.

We were very happy to present the results for the Youth Photo Contest! Thank you for everyone who participated. This contest was created to not only recognize what we love about Red Lodge but to also inspire the community’s young people to think about what they can change. With heart and spirit and a bright idea, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

The multigenerational panel of judges met and made a set of criteria for the judging to help guide the process.

-The photo should represent the spirit of the contest categories “What I Love” and “What I Would Change”

-Each photo should be aesthetically pleasing with good composition and image quality

-Original images that brought the perspective of the photographer


What I love Category

1st Place goes to Jasper Poore! His “Hometown Proud” piece that captured an overhead view of Red Lodge won over the judges for a true representation of our whole community, incredible lighting, and photo composition.

2nd Place goes to Eliza Seifert! Her piece “Sunrise Over the East Bench from My Patio at Breakfast” won over the judges with how much thought and effort she put in and how beautiful her photo was. Her statement of why she loves Red Lodge, “I love how Red Lodge is not a big city and has nature in it. You can also find some type of beauty in it any time of day.”

3rd place was a tie, the 3rd place prize goes to Anna Dye and Tyler Schrowe!

Anna won for expressing her love for skiing and the many activities in our backyard. Her photo was also very well contrasted with beautiful color and thought put into it. “”I love the skiing in Red Lodge! And I also love how there are so many things to do in our big back yard.”

Tyler won for “Peeking Moose” which shows off what we all can recognize in Red Lodge, our beloved wild life!

What I would Change:

We had two submissions for what I would change about Red Lodge, and we very much so appreciate those who thought about how we can make Red Lodge better. When we judged this category we considered what we could change and what identified needs for awareness or gaps in our community.

1st Place went to Mason Payne for his picture showing our neighborhood basketball courts covered in snow: “Red Lodge basketball hoops in the winter. Too cold to play outside. Need an indoor basketball court.”

2nd Place went to Jase Peterson for his beautiful sunset over the Mountains. The change he would like to see is “What I’d like to change: There’s no night skiing”


We appreciate our participants dreaming big to continue to make Red Lodge a Wonderful Play Day and Night!

We look forward to doing this contest again so keep an eye out for when we launch. You can see these photos displayed around town as we make arrangements.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS INCLUDING IMAGINE IF… Imagine If is a multi-generational family donor advised fund that is committed to working collaboratively and creatively to improve our community and strengthen our collective and individual resilience.