Attention Carbon County Charities: Seeking Fun Run 13 Applications!

It’s not quite time to line up at the starting line but it is time for Carbon County charities looking to be a beneficiary of this year’s event to get their applications in! Participating in the Fun Run is a great way to raise money (and leverage individual donations through the Match Fund), work collaboratively with other local nonprofits, and build awareness of your group’s good work!

Applications are due March 1st and can be found at the Community Foundation building (across from the post office in Red Lodge) or online at Applications are required for both new and returning charities and have change a little bit since last year. Late applications will not be accepted. Charities can be established tax exempt organizations or small, grassroots efforts as long as the funding and primary benefit stay within Carbon County.

If you’re new to the application process or event in general, come to the Foundation for our ‘Fun Run 101’ information and Q&A event on February 17th at 11:45 and learn the in’s and out’s of being a benefiting charity at the Fun Run. Foundation staff is always available to answer questions and assist in the application process. Contact for more information.