Usually, by now, we have had an inspirational gathering at our Annual Meeting, presented our annual report, and asked you to renew your membership in March. This year is unusual. This year, unfortunately, we had to cancel our Annual Meeting, and are presenting our annual report as an interactive online document. We hope that you love the presentation.

What inspires you about our community?

Maybe it is creating a place for artists to grow and thrive, connecting parents and children to youth programs, building a more resilient community, enabling our many nonprofits to fulfill their mission, fostering a culture of engagement and volunteerism, or lending an ear to help those in need. These are things that drive our organization. We strive to build our community to be the very best it can be and to connect people to be a part of it.

We invite you to share your passion for our community by becoming a member of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation. Great things are happening and we want you to join in! As a member, you’ll have a say (voting rights) in our organization and initiatives like:

The cost of being a member starts at $25, but making an impact in our community is priceless. Your support will help to build a thriving community through stewardship, collaboration, and innovation.

This year, we have a major gift donor who wants to support the Foundation in a meaningful way by providing a significant matching gift challenge.

If you renew your membership donation in the next 30 days, at a level that is comfortable to you, the matching gift challenge will MATCH, dollar for dollar, every dollar that you contribute, above the basic membership amount!