Red Lodge residents have a love for the Arts that runs deep, and the 13th Annual Fun Run for Charities offers plenty of opportunities to support the Arts.


The Carbon County Arts Guild and Depot Gallery, is a non-profit whose mission is to support, inspire, and encourage all artists. The Guild supports performance, visual and literary arts and offers workshops, scholarships and a variety of other culturally enriching programs to people of all ages.


The Beartooth Mountains have inspired Music from the Beartooths, a group of local volunteers who strive to bring high quality music events to Red Lodge. That same love for music has drawn youngsters from across the nation for years to the Red Lodge Music Festival, a nationally-recognized music camp.


Revitalize Old Roosevelt School, is a movement in the community to create a shared space for arts, culture, and service organizations, and on the third floor, is a performance space in need of renovation.

The progress on the Old Roosevelt School is supported by A Place for Our Arts, a group that supports and celebrates art in the community. Their goal is to find a performance space for local actors, dancers and musicians. Among those dancers are the children in Celtic Fusion, a local dance troupe that supports friendship and appreciation for Irish and Scottish dance as well as the dances of other foreign cultures.


You’re likely to see Celtic Fusionand other fantastic performers at the Festival of Nations, a local celebration of the ethnic heritage of Red Lodge. The Festival of Nations has been a tradition in Red Lodge for 67 years.


Red Lodge area artists who want to pursue their passions often rely on support from Educating Emerging Artists, a fund that provides assistance to artists who want to attend classes, camps, and workshops. They also help pay for art supplies and other expenses that may be a barrier to developing artists.


Sign up for Fun Run 13 and make a contribution to your favorite Arts organizations by dropping by the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation at 122 Hauser Ave S, calling 406 446-2820, or visit  and click on FUN RUN.