What is a Virtual Race?
  • Virtual Races are an alternative to in-person events. They allow participants to complete a run/walk on their own day, time, and route.
Why is the Fun Run going virtual?
  • Due to safety concerns of the current health climate, hosting the Fun Run as normal in Lions Park cannot occur. The safety of our participants, volunteers, vendors, staff, and community is always our highest priority, and the decision to ‘go virtual’ falls in line with that priority.
How do I participate?
  • Sign up online or check your mailbox for a registration form. Select the event distance you’d like to run/walk -5k, 10k, or 2 Mile. Once registered, you have until September 5th to complete your selected run/walk. You can follow the traditional Fun Run route (please be aware, we do not manage traffic or have course volunteers for a virtual race) or run a route of your choosing that corresponds to the distance you selected. Once you’ve completed your route, submit your time, and receive a finisher certificate. Prizes will be awarded and mailed.
Can I still donate?
  • Yes! We are accepting donations for 58 different Carbon County charities this year. Donations can be made here.
How do I get my T-shirt?
  • Shirts will be available for pick up every Wednesday and Friday from 9-3 at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation starting AUGUST 12th

How do I know where/when to run?

  • You get to decide! Find a time and day that works for your schedule. You can run/walk the traditional Fun Run route or create your own 5k, 10k, or 2 Mile route.
How do I submit my results?
  • Easy! Visit RunSignUp and click ‘Submit Virtual Results’ button on the top right of the page.
Do I have to time myself?
  • Nope! You can run/walk for fun without timing yourself. Please still submit that you completed the route (see the previous question) so we can know how many participants we have.
Are there still prizes?
  • Yes! Prizes will be announced on September 5th and available for pick up or delivery.
How do I view the results?
  • You can view all results here. Please note, the results will be updated daily but the final results will not be posted until September 5th.
I won a race/age category, how do I get my prize?
  • If you won a race or your age category and didn’t receive a notification, please contact funrun@rlacf.org
Do you have a map of the suggested routes?
  • Yes, you can find the course map here.
What are the five criteria for charities to receive full matching funds?
  • The five criteria are:
    1. Attending Fun Run kickoff meeting
    2. Attending Fun Run marketing meeting
    3. Having marketing materials that go out to donors
    4. Having a Fun Run ‘virtual booth’
    5. Completion of Fundraising Page