The Hellroaring Skatepark board is a loose-knit, but passionate group of volunteers invested in maintaining the new, concrete skatepark, hosting educational events, and providing helmets so all kids can skate, scoot, bike, and blade safely. Our park promotes a healthy outdoor activity where kids and adults of all abilities can exercise their creativity through an individual sport that has a community of its own.  

Last year, you helped us finalize the new concrete skatepark in town! With a safe, clean skatepark for all ages and abilities we can now focus on maintaining the park, hosting fun and education events at the park, and providing free skate-specific helmets so all kids can skate, scoot, bike, and blade safely at the park. 

When there isn’t snow on the ground, you can find kids of all ages, disciplines, and abilities using the park after school and on weekends. Adults have dusted off their gear and have found solace shredding mid-day or skating alongside their own kids after school.

Over the last two years, we learned that every penny counts, and no donation is too small because it all added up to our new skatepark!

Fundraising Goal: $3,000