Develop practices for personal listening, learning in public, and identifying collective actions to move topics forward.

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation &

Beartooth Front Community Forum Present Creating Gracious Space

Monday, March 26, 2018, 9:00- 4:00, Old Roosevelt School 519 S Broadway

Free event

The purpose of this one day workshop is to introduce the principles and practices of Gracious Space to community members of Red Lodge, in order to enhance community engagement, especially on difficult or divisive issues.

As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will:
1. Be able to name the four elements of Gracious Space
2. Identify their strengths and opportunities for creating Gracious Space in their own lives
3. Know at least one method/behavior for creating Gracious Space in a context of their choice
4. Gain new perspectives from fellow participants on important issues facing the community
5. Strengthen and/or make new connections with community members
Guest Speaker and Facilitator: Patricia Hughes, Trillium Leadership Consulting and Center for Ethical Leadership, Seattle WA

Books will be available for purchase on event day
Donations for lunch will be appreciated but not required


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