Accelerating your career and our local economy


Here you will find tools and resources you need to build the skills, experience, and training to obtain a fulfilling job or career. What does the job climate look like in our community? We conducted a study of Carbon County and developed an Economic Report Card. Here are a few key findings:

  • The poverty rate in Red Lodge is higher than both the state and national average
  • The percentage of people with less than a high school degree is higher than the state average
  • The median worker income in Carbon County is lower than the national average 
  • The unemployment rate in Carbon County is 2.7% as of May 2018

According to the results from a recent economic development survey, businesses in Carbon County are looking for individuals with skills and experience.  There are a number of trainings, skill building workshops, and certifications that you can utilize to help you obtain a job and develop that career you’ve always been hoping for. By utilizing these resources that are offered locally, you will help to obtain that job that you have been looking for.


Below are several resources to help you find your next opportunity!