By BHA Staff

In the case of a disaster, the Beartooth Human Alliance (BHA) wants to ensure plans are in place for potentially displaced pets and livestock. As a participating agency in the overall county disaster preparedness plan, BHA maintains a list of businesses and individuals who are willing (and have the necessary facilities) to provide temporary shelter for a dog, cat, small pet, horse or other livestock in the event of an emergency evacuation. Through this established network, displaced animals are housed and cared for until they can be safely reunited with their owners.

BHA is in the process of updating its Disaster Preparedness Plan and would like to expand its network to include more individuals and businesses who are willing to provide emergency shelter to animals displaced by disaster. Ideally, BHA would like an established network in locations across Carbon and Stillwater counties and surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help shelter a displaced companion animal during an emergency, please contact BHA at (406) 446-3500 or email

BHA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that assists the people and animals of Carbon and Stillwater counties by helping companion animals in need, promoting responsible animal care through education, providing solutions to dog and cat overpopulation, and serving as an animal welfare resource. For program details and to see all adoptable dogs and cats visit