Meet Our Team


We have a diverse team of staff, board members, and volunteers who respond to community opportunities and needs. Together we work for a common purpose, to help our non-profits thrive, ensure our community members have their needs met and to help meet the needs of our community.



 Board of Directors

  • Martha Brown, President
  • Jo Ann Eder, First Past President
  • Merv Coleman, Vice President
  • Mark Schubert, Treasurer
  • Tara Mastel
  • Steve Muth
  • Kate Belinda
  • Kathleen Delahanty, Board Member
  • Alan Schuyler, Board Member
  • William Foisy, Board Member
  • Lyle Zimmerman, Board Member
  • Don Redfoot, Board Member
  • Steve Hanson, Board Member
  • Erin Oley, Board Member
  • Andy Simpson, Board Member
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