Celebrating five years of Green!

This year the Pro Cut Green Fund is partnering with members of the Green Team at Red Lodge High School to continue the mission of supporting green projects in our community while building youth philanthropy.

In the last four years, the Pro Cut Green Fund has supported 10 projects for a total of over $10,000 in cash and in-kind services. Projects range from getting adults and kids out in our local environment through helping Jane Ferguson Nature Camp purchase new equipment for campers and Palisades Trail with the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation and Beartooth Recreational Trails Association, to creating the Bob Moran Memorial Garden at City Hall with Red Lodge Proud & Beautiful and planting young seeds with the Alphabet Garden at the Children’s Center. For a complete list of projects, visit www.procutrl.com or www.rlacf.org.

After seeing continued success supporting outdoor projects, Pro Cut Green Fund is deepening their roots in the community by partnering with the Green Team –a group of go-getters with a passion for creating a better environmental today and tomorrow for all of us! If your group has an improvement idea or green focused project in mind click here. Deadline for applications is March 22nd.

For more information on the Pro Cut Green Fund, how to support youth philanthropy, and other funding opportunities, contact kristen@rlacf.org