Need to fuel your creative growth? The Educating Emerging Artists Fund is here to help you cultivate and develop your artistry.


The Educating Emerging Artists Fund supports artists of all creative backgrounds, ages, and experiences to reach their full potential by expanding their horizons and refining their craft through attending classes, camps, and workshops that the may not have otherwise had access to. The application process is simple. The Foundation will notify you within 72 hours upon receipt of your completed application.


Help support the fund

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Income Guidelines

Persons in household --> Household Income 1 --> $23,340 2 --> $31,460 3 --> $39,580 4 --> $47,700 5 --> $55,820 6 --> $63,940 7 --> $72,060 8 --> $80,180

Service Provider Information

All grant awards are made payable directly to the service provider.