REWIND – Recycle Electronic Waste Into New Devices

Educate the community about recycling electronic waste; keep hazardous, valuable and scarce materials from landfills and coulees; make electronic waste recycling accessible to the community.


Purpose for Raising Funds for 2017

The Fun Run funds are a critical component of the proposed 2017 budget to conduct an annual electronics-recycling event in Red Lodge, for the sixth year.  Supplemental funding is especially critical for 2017 given that electronics recycling, free of charge, has been discontinued by the recycler for those states, including Montana, without legislation for take back requirements.  The funds help to cover the collection and shipping costs necessary to secure a certified recycler to conduct the annual event.


Impact on Number of People Served

An average of 20,000-25,000 pounds of electronics are collected through pre-event pickup and on collection day.  An average of 130 motor vehicles come through the line on collection day to leave electronics.  Pre-event pickup is provided for around 25 households/businesses and hundreds of persons have left electronics at the REWIND storage shed located at the City Recycling Center at Beartooth Industries.


Fundraising Goal

The fundraising goal for the Fun Run is $1,500-$2,000 which is approximately 25% of the budget required to conduct an annual event.


Website/Facebook Links


Facebook:  REWIND – Recycle Electronic Waste Into New Devices