Have you ever volunteered? Have you ever felt the feeling of doing something just to help? Let us say it feels really, really good! The culture of volunteering is strong not only at the Foundation but in the whole community. But why?


Being a volunteer will get you involved in fun activities you may otherwise never have been involved in. You make connections and experiences with new people and have fun through the process. Sarah Ewald has been a volunteer with the Foundation since day one! She was a founder of the Fun Run has continued to volunteer for organizations such as Beartooth Billings Clinic, Booster Club, Red Lodge Fire/EMS, and Project Christmas. When we asked her when she had the most fun volunteering she replied,

“Celebrating the Fun Run with the Moose and Sally Martin in her coconut bra!”

The fun and the memories last a lifetime and when you are getting involved with programs that are valuable to those involved. Sarah tells us, “I volunteer to give back to this amazing community…generosity is a powerful thing.”

Volunteering isn’t all fun and games. IT’S WORK! But let’s be honest, the reward of success is better when it’s something you work for. Take it from Amy Hyfield. She has been a regular volunteer over the past ten years for numerous different organizations including Red Lodge Fire & Rescue, BRTA, Red Lodge Youth Soccer, Pedal United, the Boys & Girls Club, and here at the Foundation. “I volunteer to make make a difference in people’s lives while challenging my self physically and mentally,” says Amy.

The challenges she takes on make the outcomes more rewarding. Even more rewarding than overcoming challenges, is making a difference in someone else’s life.

I feel like I made a difference every time I connect with a kid and help them to be a better version of themselves-and have fun.

Not only does she shape the Youth of our community but through volunteering she saves lives! Volunteering with Red Lodge Fire and Rescue she puts herself on the line and comes running in a person most dire hour.

Volunteering creates meaning for people of ALL ages. Youth Volunteering in our community is a growing culture and is developing the Next Generation of Giving. The school has required that students volunteer 20 hours before being able to graduate, teaching these young people the importance of generosity. Though some see this as another requirement, many of the local youths are taking their volunteer work very seriously and approaching it with excitement and compassion. Fran Graham is a wonderful example. She has been awarded Youth Volunteer of the Year from the Foundation and has over 210 Volunteer hours. She has volunteered for organizations such as Interact, Green Team, Beartooth Recreational Trails Association, the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, just to name a few. She tells us her most meaningful moment from volunteering.

“Through BRTA, I coach nordic lessons for kids. By the end of the lessons, it is awesome to see the leaps and bounds that the kids have made. They not only become better skiers, but by the end they create new bonds between each other. At the beginning, the majority of the kids are shy and scared to step out of their comfort zone. By the end they have a new found confidence driven by the friendships they have created. It is a true transformation and I am blessed to be part of it.”

So, if you are wondering why to give volunteering a try, remember that Volunteering can open your door to involvement with new people who share your passions, making the impact on others that makes a real difference in their lives, and leaves you feeling good about who you are and the people around you. The feelings you get from Volunteering resonate in a deeper part of one’s being. It connects you to your soul and fills you with the warmth of knowing that you made an impact in someone else’s world.


We are hoping you get inspired and go seeking the warm feeling of Volunteering Today!