What Do We Do?

What does the Foundation really do? We work alongside community members and cross
sector organizations to facilitate community conversations to remove barriers and build assets,
through shared responsibilities and collective leadership from every sector. We focus on
recognizing and identifying the tension of what is and what could be that drives change. We
stay focused so that we can realize the potential of these efforts, while increasing engagement
with many different people so that change is sustainable for the long term. The energy to
accomplish all of these efforts comes from the people who own and believe in common visions
because they have worked together in their development, and we all ante up! We are the
people at work every day, right here in Carbon County.

In our newsletter, you will experience how much happens in just two months. Our community is alive,
creating a multitude of positive experiences and sharing resources for the benefit of the
greater good. We also experienced the painful closure of the Office of Public Assistance and we
illustrated community resilience by coming together to address the closure and develop a
work-around. Local Salvation Army efforts are reorganizing and the stigma of mental health
issues is beginning to be reduced. We submitted our first arts collaborative grant application
through a developing partnership with the Carbon County Arts Guild that included budget items
that are mutually beneficial and build capacity for both organizations and the artists as a whole!
What do all of these things have in common? I believe in the Win-Win-Win approach: A Win for
individuals, a Win for organizations, and a Win for the community. After all, we are all in this


-Tracy Timmons, Executive Director