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Woohoo!! The Community Foundation is one of the 51 winners sharing $500,000 in the sixth annual Tom’s of Maine “50 States for Good” community giving program!  We’ve received $10,000 to continue our mission of connecting people and building community.

“Doing things in exciting, new and progressive ways really paid off for the Foundation and Community! Who would have thought that 400 characters would generate an expanded communication campaign for 2015? We are eager to further engage people to build ideas into community assets and opportunities for all. Communications is the bridge in which we do this.” Reports Tracy Timmons, Executive Director.

A passionate panel of influential judges representing a variety of unique perspectives on human, healthy and environmental goodness sorted through more than 3,000 nonprofit nominations and chose us! “So many important grassroots organizations bring goodness to communities every day,” said Susan Dewhirst, goodness programs manager at Tom’s of Maine.  For several decades, Tom’s has donated 10% of its profits back to the community and encourages employees to use 5% (12 days) of paid time off to volunteer every year. This philosophy combined with their excellent products is what makes Tom’s such a great company!

Kristen Hollum, AmeriCorps VISTA member at the Foundation wrote the winning nomination. Take a look at the questions and her answers:

How has this nonprofit made a difference in your life or the life of someone you know?

I have never felt more part of a community than I feel as a volunteer at the Foundation. My passion for connecting with people & strengthening community has become ignited. Seeing the difference our programs make in my community gives me the drive to turn ideas into action -no matter how crazy!

What is one thing you’d want the judges to know about this nonprofit that sets it apart?

It is an organization born out of & fueled by community members, their ideas & collaboration. They have created a cross sector culture so tightknit & fluid the nonprofits even fundraise together! They are a respected organization known for making things happen.

Check out how we’re using the funds by visiting or our Facebook page. To learn about the other great winners of ’50 States for Good’ visit