Thank you to everyone who braved the subzero temperatures to come listen to Dani present on disordered eating at the Roosevelt Center! Your attendance was appreciated! There was a wide age-range who came to listen, 17-70 and a lot of great questions were asked. The focus of the presentation was on ‘intuitive eating’, listening to what your body needs and eating when you are hungry. Dani focused on how our eating has shifted throughout the decades away from eating intuitively to dramatically limiting certain food groups, eating more or less than our bodies need and developing relationships with food which can lead to developing complications both emotional and physical from disordered eating. One attendee said, “The speaker was great, enthusiastic, the right amount of information. Good inter-active activity.”

If you would like to contact Dani her website is:

Email: or call (406)439-7917

The next installment of States of Mind is a powerful film and discussion panel on suicide. Every 13 minutes there is a suicide in the United States. ‘The S Word’ is a documentary which tackles suicide. Dese’Rae Stage is the director of ‘The S Word’ and has been effected by suicide throughout her life. She asks the questions, “What now?” “Am I the only one?” “Where is everybody?” “How can I make a difference?”

Dese’Rae sought out other suicide attempt survivors. Attempt survivors have been silent, anonymous, reduced to stereotypes and statistics. Through her documentary she sets out to  show that suicide is not an affliction of the other—it affects people of all ages, races, faiths, ethnicity, gender presentations, sexual orientations, professions, and so much more.

She created a project called, which explores life on the other side of suicide through the stories of attempt survivors, in their own words, and the intimate portraits Dese’Rae creates of them. Through her odyssey, she discovers a community rising up to transform personal struggles into strength and action on a national level.