My favorite part of our membership campaign is my deeply held belief that membership actively strengthens the Voice of Community. This creates the community that we collectively desire-one that we work together to make our reality. Why is this important? The Voice of Community refers to all aspects of our humanity: values, opinions, beliefs, perspectives, preferences, and cultural backgrounds of the collective people who live, work and play in Red Lodge, Carbon County, MT.

The Foundation strives to act upon the Voice of Community every single day. The Voice of Community is our major consideration, we value it, listen to it, rely upon it, and then act upon it when important decisions are being made. We exemplify this best through the engagement of over 300 volunteers who comprise our steering committees that guide every program we work in. The Foundation is rooted in creating gracious space and an inclusive culture as result of working together. I believe that the Foundation represents the best vision of the community, because it is the collective representation of the community.

I ask you to join me, by either renewing your membership or becoming a new member, to continue to strengthen the collective Voice of our Community. Your membership will provide the Foundation with needed unrestricted funds to take daily action. Unrestricted funds involve a higher level of trust because they are more flexible in use, and every nonprofit needs them. Unrestricted funding allows Your Voice to be:

  • Innovative and flexible to address “real time” opportunities that become present within the community.
  • Resilient during challenging times to provide continued momentum, helping to ensure “We are made for these times”.
  • Caring of the mission to connect people and building community with a comprehensive approach in four program areas, administration, financial management, fundraising, staffing, and buildings to house humans to empower collective action.
  • Passionate and trustful about the work being done and confidence in the good stewardship of Community.
  • Influential to empower our TEAM to make community and culture building things happen.
  • Understanding that the core of the Foundation must be intact so our mission occurs.


Will you take action today by becoming a member, or renewing your membership? You can strengthen the active Voice of Community and support all aspects of our collective humanity! After all, we are all in this together.

Tracy Timmons

Executive Director