The Roosevelt Center Working Committees come together in a phased in approach to work on various aspects of the Center. Committees yet to assemble are Performing Arts, Conferences & Conventions, Art Business Incubator, Building, and Resource Development. Two committees have started work. Here are their reports.


The Outdoor Space Working Committee is tasked with maintaining the outdoor space and creating plans for future development. This committee began meeting in May. We assessed the current state of the property and its maintenance for summer 2019. The trees were assessed and determined that the ash trees along Broadway and 17th are nearing the end of their lifespan. The site plan will include new trees to fill the landscape when the ash trees are gone.


Grant funds from the Association of Realtors are being used to purchase bear-proof trash containers from Back Alley Metals and benches and chairs from Beartooth Industries. Community donations have funded a dog waste station. All these items should be installed by the end of October.


This committee has spent most of its time evaluating and designing a new site plan. We began by reviewing the focus group work that was done in 2016. At that time, a group was convened to brainstorm ideas for the outdoor space. Those ideas and priorities were reviewed, updated and paired down to this list:

  • outdoor seating
  • covered performance space
  • a marquee for listing Roosevelt Center events
  • low water use, low maintenance landscape (xeriscape)
  • winding walkways
  • create inviting and welcoming entrances on both the north and south sides
  • replace old walkway to the east entrance of the 1920’s building with a less direct route since that is no longer the main entrance
  • target multiple locations for sculpture and other art
  • above all, create a community friendly, multi-purpose space


This fall and winter, the committee will focus on specifics for the site plan, i.e. walkway surfaces, greenspace and any structures. We hope to have the final plan by spring 2020.


All are welcome to join our committee or just attend meetings. The next meeting of the Outdoor Space Working Committee will be Thursday, October 10th at 3:00 pm at the Roosevelt Center conference room. For more information, please contact Janet Peterson (406) 425-3806 or


The Visual Arts Working Committee will focus on the wants of the Carbon County artist community as it relates to Roosevelt Center. This group works closely with the Carbon County Arts Guild to develop, review and install the visual art displayed at the Roosevelt Center property.


The group held their first meeting in early September. They reviewed current areas being used for art installation inside the building. Other areas were discussed as potential installation areas. Ideas for addressing the moisture in the display case near the entry was discussed. The group would like to encourage renters to use bulletin board space outside their studios to explain their business or artistic endeavor. The next meeting will be in October. Contact Kim Kapalka at for more information.