The Carbon County COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is taking actions to take care of our staff, our nonprofits and our community. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Foundation is now accepting donations for the Carbon County COVID-19 Relief Fund. These funds will be available to support:

  • Area nonprofits’ individual response efforts
  • Local agencies and individuals
  • Emergent community needs

Currently, our first priority and focus is on providing funds to nonprofit organizations providing disaster relief efforts and individuals negatively affected by COVID-19 impacts, who are in need of assistance. While the purpose of the fund is to focus on helping individuals and nonprofit organizations, assistance to the business community may be considered in the future when we know what other forms of assistance may be available to businesses and the longer term effects of the pandemic. In a declared disaster situation, it is possible for the Foundation to make grants to businesses for long term recovery for things not covered by other means such as insurance or government aid. Since the government is considering legislation which will specifically address business needs with loans and grants to help businesses weather this situation, for now, we will leave business assistance to the government.

The Foundation has a long history in efficiently managing and providing quick turnaround to get the funds to where they are needed most. The Foundation is committed to being nimble, adaptive and transparent in all of these efforts.

To make a donation to the fund, click here or click the button below:

Donate to the Relief Fund

Please note, before applying to the Carbon County COVID 19 Relief Fund, we ask you to apply, if eligible, to the Montana Coronavirus Relief Funds: 

To apply for the funds, please click one of the links below. There is, generally, a funding cap of $750 per month for individual applicants.

Individuals – Apply Here

Organizations – Apply Here

We have begun evaluating completed applications for funding. We will review and evaluate applications once a day. We know that time is of the essence. Within 24 hours, we will evaluate your application to determine if it is an emergency need or a need for coordinated assistance. Approved Emergency needs will be funded within 24 hours. Approved Coordinated assistance will begin within 24 hours. Coordinated assistance could include connecting to additional resource providers outside of this fund in an effort to meet the fully requested need.

Want to Get Involved?

Carbon County Disaster & Emergency Services is coordinating volunteer efforts to help our community. Click the link below to fill out the form and add your name to a list of volunteers willing to help.

Disaster Volunteer Registration Form

Year-Round Community Foundation Resources

The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation connects you to many other year-round resources to help in times of need. Please follow the link below to go directly to our applications for the Early Childhood Fund, Senior Ark, Firewood, and Salvation Army, or to connect with a Navigator, or Carbon County Connect (local resource directory website).

Connect to Year-Round Resources

Other Resources

For your convenience, here are some links to local and national resources to help you find assistance and to stay informed about the COVID-19 outbreak.  Click on a title below to expand the menu for more detailed information.