Carbon County Imagination Library

  • What is it?
    • A free book program designed for engaging young readers and developing an early love of books. Each month an age-appropriate, hard cover book will arrive at the child’s house. The books are free to the family and delivered right to their mailbox.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Nothing! Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is completely free to the family.
    • There is a small cost each month- about $2.10 for the book and mailing costs. But! Carbon County Libraries and the Early Childhood Committee at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation have worked hard to raise the money required to serve all the little kiddos in our area – meaning it stays free to families!
  • Who qualifies for the program?
    • Children ages 0 – 5. On their 5th birthday they will graduate out of the program and receive a ‘Kindergarten Here I Come’ book.
    • **If the kiddo will turn 5 soon: Once they are signed up and in the system, they should receive their first book the following month. So as long as there are a couple months before the child’s 5th birthday they should get at least one free book.
  • Sounds awesome! But why start so early?
    • Educators have emphasized the fact that reading with your preschooler child is the single most important activity to prepare that child for school. Developing a proficient reading ability is essential to success in school and it begins with sitting with a loved one and exploring new words, sounds, pictures and stories. Dolly Parton created her Imagination Library to guarantee access to books for kids and families.


  • Jodie Moore (Red Lodge Carnegie Library) – (406) 446-1905
  • Janice Salpietro (Early Childhood Coordinator) – 406.446.2820 (W)