Red Lodge Police Protective Association (RLPPA) wishes make a positive contribution to the lives of the citizens in our community through youth programs, home and personal safety programs, and protecting the quality of life for Red Lodge citizens.

The RLPPA would like to give back to the community through programs and events and provide positive interaction with children and adults of the community: Camp Postcard – sponsor three children to attend a week-long camp with police officers in a fun and informal setting; Junior Police Leadership Academy – sponsor one high school student to the Academy by providing travel costs to attend this free, week-long academy; Shop With a Cop to give kids a chance to interact with the officers in their community through a fun activity for the holidays; Coffee With A Cop is a quarterly event for the entire community and county welcoming everyone to meet the officers in an informal setting for relaxed conversation and a chance to get acquainted; Drug Awareness Program – This is an on-going program in conjunction with our local Beartooth Elks, the National Family Partnership and Red Ribbon Week which promotes drug awareness throughout the area to children and young adults.

The success and strength of a community lie in its ability to work toward common goals. The RLPPA’s efforts and programs are focused on achieving their mission to make positive contributions to the lives of the citizens of our community through working together.

Fundraising Goal: