The City Pool Committee will review and make recommendations for the 2021 Pool construction including the basic renovation in Phase I and the addition of Phase II amenities to include but not be limited to pool house renovation, splash deck,  water slide, shade pergola, and perhaps hydro solar heating. In addition, the committee will conduct a major fundraising campaign to help the city with the cost of Phase I.  The Pool Committee will continue the fundraising effort to cover all the costs of the Phase II amenities. 

Phase I construction is now funded; construction to begin by June 1st.  In April the city council approved the design of Phase II which will include but is not limited to pool house renovations and a splash deck.  The estimated combined cost for splash deck and pool house renovation will be $750,000. Other Phase II amenities such as a water slide, solar heating, and shade pergola feature could add an additional $200,000.00.  As we move forward all monies raised from the Fun Run and other fundraising efforts will be applied to Phase II.

In addition, we would like to increase the Pool Endowment which generates a 4 percent dividend each year to help cover pool operation and maintenance expenses. Currently, the Pool Endowment has a balance of $43,206. 

Fundraising Goal: We would like to raise $25,000 that will be applied to the total goal of $950,000 for Phase II