Your Source for Local Charity News

On the last Thursday of every month, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is proud to feature local nonprofits in the Carbon County News. Charity Chat is a full-page section of the newspaper in which nonprofits can feature their events, information, and activities. The goal is to raise awareness of our amazing local charities and to promote the activities and services they offer.

If you would like to share your nonprofit news please contact Stephen at

“At DSVS we are committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our community, and we recognize that, that often requires us to use multiple channels for outreach. The Charity Chat page, which appears once a month in the Carbon County News, offers a great opportunity to connect with our supporters as well as people who may not know us yet. We’ve discovered that frequent communication helps to build relationships, which has had a positive effect on donor support. We would encourage all nonprofits to use Charity Chat in the same way.”