What would you do to make Red Lodge Even Better? Don’t Just Tell Us, SHOW US. Make your Submission to the PICTURE IT! Youth Photo Contest. Submit your picture that represents what you would do to make Red Lodge an even better place to grow up and then provide a caption of your photo telling us what you would do if you could. You can submit as many times as you like.

Winners will receive the following!

1st place- $100 VISA Gift Card

2nd Place- $50 VISA Gift Card

3rd Place- $25 VISA Gift Card

How would you make Red Lodge Better?

Cleaner parks in our town


Less time on cell phones and more time with people


Dog fountains in town

A community bulletin board


More jam nights for kids


To make a submission you can do one of the three options 1) Send it in a Private Message to our Facebook page, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, 2) Direct Message us on Instagram, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, 3) Send us an email at Chelsea@rlacf.org.

Winners will be selected after the submission deadline. Our team of multi-generational judges will be selecting photos based off the following criteria: high quality image, unique to our area, aesthetically pleasing, and the photo and caption clearly depicts what you would do to make Red Lodge better.

Rules do apply:

– Must be 18 yrs or younger to submit.

– Pic must have been taken in current year.

– Submit with your name, age, and description by Instagram, Facebook, or email.

– Must make your submission by 4/8/18

– Upon submission, you agree that you have the rights to the photo being submitted and the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation has permission to use photo.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR IMAGINE IF… Imagine If is a multi-generational family donor advised fund that is committed to working collaboratively and creatively to improve our community and strengthen our collective and individual resilience.